Last year I traveled to New York in the middle of the coldest winter NYC had seen in 50 years. It was my first time there and was an art director on another shoot earlier that week in Brooklyn. Whilst I was there I got chatting to a guy from Hell's Kitchen, he ran a small Pizza Parlor on the corner of 9th Av - W40th st, I had sheltered there from freezing temperatures and we got talking about one of my passions, boxing. He proceeded to tell me he was friends with the owner of Gleasons Gym over in Brooklyn and there was the famous Golden Gloves tournament being held there the next night. If you don't know Gleansons is one of the most famous Boxing gyms in the world, with the likes of Mike Tyson & Muhammad Ali training there in their prime. Anyway the owner invited me down to take some shots and I jumped at the chance. I stayed to the very end and met some amazing people, a chance I will probably never have again.
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