Richard is my Father in-law.  Richard is 78 years old, a loving father of 7 and an identical twin that also married an identical twin which is pretty amazing in itself. He is a massive sports fan with his main passion being Cricket although he does love his West Ham Football team. Richard worked at Carlsberg brewery for most of his working life and was Canning Foreman at the time of his retirement in 1999. In 2007 after a day up at the Cricket Richard suffered a stroke whilst walking home and was found 2 hours later by a passer bye in an alley way. Since then his twin brother passed away which affected him deeply and to add to this he was diagnosed with leukaemia where he has to have weekly blood transfusions plus he has the early onset of alzheimer's. I shot this portrait as part of my personal project 'Place Where We Dwell'.​​​​​​​
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