Felicia is a 65 Year old Mental Health nurse, she has 3 children but lives alone 5 doors up from me. Felicia is originally from Cape town South Africa and had been living here in the UK for the last 20 years.
I met Felicia one hot sunny day in July. I had just got back form a shoot and was stood chatting to my assistant on the road outside my house when Felicia came running out of her house a few doors up from me, she said “please help me I’ve got a big problem in the house and I don't know what to do”, so I said my goodbyes to Andy and followed Felicia into her house. I was confronted with a waterfall pouring from her kitchen ceiling there was water every where and getting deeper. I tried to find the water mains in the house but there was nothing, I eventually found it outside on the pavement and managed to turn it off. After the water had stopped flooding down from the ceiling we chatted for a while and I found out lots of things about her and her life, this is when I came up with the idea for this project.
I pitched the idea to her there and then, she loved the idea and was delighted to have her portrait taken. The following week she put a note through my door saying she was off work the following day if I was about we could do the shoot. So the next day came and she knocked on my door looking amazing with her traditional South African outfit and makeup, she also brought one of her daughters with her who I also photographed.
Felicia has two very different sides to her, one is serious and the other very smiley, happy and loving and I wanted to capture both these sides in the 20 minutes I had before she had to leave for a night shift. The shoot took place in my very small living room, so space was an issue but we ended up with some shots we were happy with.
These photographs have been taken from my Place Where We Dwell project. You can see all the images from that project here
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